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When you go out on a date with someone, particularly if it is someone you don't know very well you could be placing yourself in a risky situation. Even though this is a no strings sex dating site, meeting someone on a blind date, or meeting for the first time with someone who you only know from the Internet, is like any meeting with a stranger. You should be cautious and remain alert at all times when participating in this type of dating.

You should try and agree to meet your date in a safe public place. That might go against what you would like to do as this is a no strings fuck buddy dating site. We are not asking you to have a shag in a public place, just meet the person in one for the first time. Do not go to their home or invite them to yours until you feel totally safe with them.

Meeting in a restaurant or a bar is much safer, as there will be plenty of other people around. It is also a good idea to make sure you have your own mode of transportation. Drive to the meeting place yourself and do not accept a lift from your date. Make sure that there is a safe way for you to get home, such as a nearby bus stop or a place where you can find a registered taxi. If your prospective fuck buddy is unwilling to meet in a public place for the first time move on and find someone who will. This site contains plenty more men and women looking for fun and sex.

Tell Someone

Always a tricky one as who do you know well enough to tell that you are going out for a quickie with a stranger? Hopefully you will have a close friend who you can confide in, tell them where you are going and with whom. Tell them when to expect you home, and make sure that they have your cell phone number so they can contact you if they get worried.

You will feel much safer if you know that someone is expecting you home, and you can also be sure that if something does happen, there will be someone there to send help. If you really cannot confide in someone totally then make up a little story, tell a friend you are going to look at a classified advert for a new sofa or for an interview for a part time job or calling in on a friends relative as a favour to drop something round.

If you are very nervous or worried about meeting someone new for sex then take your time to get to know them a little more first. Speak to them on the phone or meet them first in a more relaxed situation before meeting them alone. This will allow you to feel more confident, and it will also ensure that you are safe. Once you have gotten to know the other person better, you will feel much safer agreeing to have sex with them.

Follow The Rules

Just because we are advertising adults looking for no strings sex dates it doesn't mean you shouldn't follow some simple rules. You should follow the same rules as if you are going on a date with someone you have met in your everyday life. You can take a few additional precautions like trying to get to know the person online a little more before you agree to meet.

Make sure you have seen a photo of them, and if possible, arrange to make a video call with them so that you can be sure they are who they say they are. Don't share any personal information online, such as your address or phone number, keep the first few contacts through your members control panel. When you do get to meet your fuck buddy for a bit of naughty fun please remember that safe sex is your responsibility, not your partners.

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