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One big mistake members do time and time again when filling out their profiles on sexual dating sites is they tell lies. They tend to write what they believe the opposite sex wishes to read rather than remain truthful to themselves. There really is no need to be anything other than 100% honest (I know that sounds a little rich coming from a site dedicated to those seeking to be unfaithful and promiscuous). If you are an older lady but you want to attract a younger guy be truthful about your own age and the age of the guy you are hoping to attract.

We have lots of cougars listed and just as many guys looking for a more experienced fuck buddy. The same goes for guys, if you are hoping to attract someone a few years younger than yourself state it when creating your profile, we have tons of adverts where 18 to 24 year olds are seeking sugar daddies. The member’s area utilizes a rating system where members can rate each other for honesty so don’t give the wrong first impression by building yourself up to be someone you are not..


On your profile page be as honest as possible and ensure that you have used a recent picture (that is if you are going to upload one). If you have any fetish that some might deem kinky then state this when you create your profile, you will see lots of men and women stating that they are open and looking to try something new.

There really is someone out there for everyone and Fuck1 is the place to bring those people together, but we can only do that if you are honest with your expectations. Again be honest if you are married and state if your husband knows or not. All men love the challenge of jumping into bed with another man’s wife and the women on here love showing you what you might be missing out on at home with the wife, especially the ladies who practice the art of cuckold..

Modern Sex Dates

Fifty years ago many adults would not have even dare to consider going out on a blind date with someone not alone jumping in and out of bed with a selection of fuck buddy friends. As modern dating evolves (and that includes online sex dating sites), we are becoming a lot more free and easy and believing that life is too short so why not make the most of it.

While we are enjoying more sex we are also spending less time getting to know the person we are about to have intercourse with. We would like to point out that we do have a safe dating article. Remember, it isn't just a new person you are meeting for a casual meal or a drink out; this is a new person where the introduction might be short and sweet and the action hot and fast.

Remember you have agreed to meet for a safe sex date, if there is anything you do not feel comfortable with then don't go through with it. If the person has been dishonest with you and they do not meet your expectations then walk away and report them to us.

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