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If you are seeking a free sex date or a fuck buddy for some adult fun you are not going to like a few of the facts that we are going to point out. However I would ask that you at least read all the way down to the bottom of the page before making your mind up on what we have to tell you.

The Internet is full of dating sites advertising free membership, free registration and an abundance of fuck buddies waiting to jump into bed with you. If this is your first ever search for a free sex date then please bookmark this page and come back when you find out the hard way that what we have to tell you is the truth. If you have been scouring the Internet for a while you will probably be feeling a little frustrated as you start to realize that FREE DATING isn't really what it seems..

What Do You Actually Receive For Free?

That depends on how good the site is. Very basic or poor sites will allow you to sign up for free then that is it, to view other members profiles you will have to pay a fee. They lure you into paying that fee only for you to discover that there is nobody of the opposite sex within 100 miles of you and then it is probably one female member to 100 guys. Good sites (ourselves included) will offer free registration, totally free access to browse all the members profiles and of course plenty of space to create your profile. I guess that sounds like you will never be asked for a payment? Well that depends on if you try to make contact with anyone, if you do you will be informed that you need to upgrade your account.

Think Logically

Why would a company launch a totally free dating site, what would they get out of it apart from a massive monthly bill for hosting and maintenance? A dating site with just 1 million members costs thousands a week to run, expensive bandwidth is being used every time a member accesses a photo, sends a message or simply browses through the profiles. If you have a mobile phone with a data package allowance you will realize the high price it costs when you go over your allowance.

Add wages for technical support and wages for people to monitor that nothing illegal is being uploaded and we haven't even touched on the cost of security to keep members details safe from hackers. It costs an awful amount of money to operate a dating site, believe us when we say NO dating site is totally free no matter what they tell you.

The Options

You can fail to believe us and continue searching for something that does not exist or change your approach. Join a site for free as long as they permit you to create and view profiles then at least IF you decide to upgrade you can see the amount of choice available to you. You could always create yourself a profile and see if anyone contacts you, if they do and they appeal to you then consider joining.

What price would you put on a regular sex date? We have many members who are still with us 2 years on, the reason being is that they find regular and often multiple adult contacts and they enjoy arranging the meet ups via their members control panel as it ensures that things are always 100% discreet

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