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It was not so long ago that couples were quite secretive about joining an online dating site for fear of what their peers might think. We have certainly moved on a long way in a relatively small space of time and how we continue to move forward at such a pace you have to wonder where it will end? Television adverts, Hollywood films and newspapers are all advertising online dating sites and of course the Internet itself.

One kind of advert I doubt we shall see on a TV advertisement in the near future is for those sites catering for no strings sex dates, individuals who are seeking a fuck buddy. Adults who feel they have not the time or lifestyle to allow love and romance to get in the way but they do not want to miss out on the physical side a member of the opposite sex can fulfil.

I remember when I was younger, it would be a case of hitting the town and night clubs if you wanted a one night stand, the problem was you do not know where they had been the night before, you knew absolutely nothing about them and you were making a judgement with your beer goggles on often waking in the morning and thinking you wish you had not gone there.

Some might question is there a difference between picking up a one night stand at a club and making contact with a fuck buddy through an adult style dating site. Yes there is a big difference. You actually get to look at pictures of the people in the comfort of your own home and with a clear vision. You can read a bit or a lot about them, their likes and dislikes getting to know if they are your kind of person and of course, you can get a better feel of your proposed shag date with a clear mind.

Fuck Buddy Dating: Is it for you?

There are a lot of adults out there who like the thought of finding themselves a fuck buddy for the night but taking that extra step is often one step too far for them. It is understandable as it is not the kind of dating service that appeals to everyone so if you are one of those scared to take the plunge you are not alone. Although casual love them and leave them style relationships are far easier and less demanding than a serious relationship there are still a lot of things you need to take into account if you are hoping to make them work.

Honesty and casual sex dates are not something that are usually spoken in the same sentence but you will need to be honest with by yourself and your prospective partner as to what you are seeking to gain from this style of adult dating. Do not mess the other person around by telling them you are single and divorced if you have a family, remember the other person wants you for sex, they probably care little about your personal life. If you meet on a regular basis make sure you tell them when it is over if you do happen to meet someone else who you would like to get serious with..


Expectations also play a major part in making fuck buddy dating a success, it is important for you to share with your sex date what your expectations are. If you are hoping or open to the thought that this could turn into something more long term then tell them. Most of the people you meet on no strings dating sites want to keep it simple, if you are looking for possible love it might be that you should seek a different kind of dating site. Be open and tell the other person what you want as this will prevent things going sour and getting complicated in the future.

Bad Habits

Do not get too comfortable with the same person and do not find yourself a sex date and expect that they will be there and available to meet with you every time you make contact. Always keep a look out for new members and the next person you would not mind hooking up with. It can get all far too easy seeing the same person and you might even start to fall in love with your fuck buddy. Great if it works both ways but the chances are it not stacked in your favour and one of you will end up getting hurt.

Make sure that you do not try to change the other person and do not allow yourself to either. When you meet someone new it is so easy to get into a bad habit of trying to change them and force your views and opinions onto them. This can only be classed as a selfish act and again, someone will get hurt and disappointed.

Jealousy is something that certainly needs to be left at the door as you leave to meet up with your fuck buddy partner. It is so easy to become jealous, almost a disease for many people and although jealousy is a stumbling block in any relationship it is a killer when it comes to casual sex dating. Jealousy is something that can creep up on you unaware, keep it in check, do not ask questions that are likely to make you feel jealous and do not allow it to get in the way of what might have been a fantastic sex date..

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