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Throw away the conventional rule book when it comes to having a discreet sex date, it isn't about romantic sex, it is about the excitement and the raunchy explosion of lust and passion. Yes once behind closed doors it is okay to launch yourself into a full on kiss and as long as both adults are still willing, getting your clothes off as quickly as possible is quite acceptable. When it is over a simple comment on how wonderful it was will suffice before politely saying goodbye.

Don't Get Caught

It might be that one or both of the adults involved are already in a relationship. If this is the case follow a few simple rules to ensure you don't get caught. When possible have a shower before returning home, ensure that you do not smell of your sex buddies aftershave or perfume and guys, remember to have a shave before meeting your secret sex date, don't go leaving her with a red face from your stubble. If you have met in one or the others homes check and then double check that nothing has been left around, an earring, a watch or a stray piece of clothing, even a long blonde hair. Watch out for nosey neighbours when arriving and leaving and don't park your car on the drive, leave it round the corner and walk to the door.

Most guys are not very attentive so it is usually easier for the woman to get away with it than a guy returning home to his wife. The only time a guy might sit up and take note is when his wife buys sexier than usual underwear and he never sees her wearing it but he does notice it in the laundry basket or on the washing line.

If you have had to travel somewhere a little different use cash when purchasing anything, ensure you do not use your credit card in a strange area or place that will show up on your statement, especially if it is a hotel room. Use a fake name and consider getting yourself a second cell phone on a non-contract basis. Although the only rule of a discreet sex date is don't fall in love you just never know how much sex appeal you might be laying down. Also remember to clear your vehicles satellite navigation aid of any strange location or address. We have more dating tips available in the menu bar above or by Clicking Here:

Discreetness At All Times

Respect your sex buddy at all times and remember; this dating site is ultimately for those seeking a quick fling and a secret shag, if you get more out of it than that consider it a bonus. If you recognize someone you meet from a store, workplace, friend of a friend or even someone slightly famous keep it to yourself. Yes famous people do use dating sites like this, maybe not your A list or even B list type celebrity but a few recognizable faces. If in doubt do not give out your email address or phone number, keep all contact hidden within the secure member’s area.

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