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Okay guys, remember just because this is a no strings attached sex date it doesn't mean it is okay to turn up for your date looking a mess. Some of the female members are married, this probably means that they don't want to get caught or found out. Take a shave guys, no leaving a day’s stubble on your face that would leave a tell tail sign or a rash on the ladies skin. While you are at it take a shower or bath and if you are meeting a married woman don't overdo the aftershave, in fact leave it off altogether. Arrive clean and looking like you have made an effort, you never know this could be the first of several meetings if all goes well.

Don't get attached or clingy and do not ask about past experiences, this is a sex date between the pair of you, the past should stay in the past for both your sakes and that also means no bragging or comparing your sex date to previous women. Jealousy and NSA dating do NOT mix.

Do not over stay your welcome; it is probably a good idea to meet for your sex date in the afternoon or daytime if possible. A sex date late at night can lead to that embarrassing situation of when is it a good time to leave. That bed can feel nice and cosy late at night but the chances are your sex date might not wish to wake up next to you in the morning, especially if she is a business woman who has to be off early first thing.

Do not limit yourself to just the one dating site, there are lots out there and just as you wouldn’t shop in the same store day in and day out you shouldn’t limit yourself to just the one adult contacts site, try a few of the others, one we would highly recommend is Local Sex Dates as it is easy to use, it has a vast membership base and like all good sites should be, registration and creating a profile is free. If you are a female then you are automatically upgraded to a full account.

Dating Tips For Women

Just as we mentioned for the guys, keep your body clean and fresh ladies and take a bath or shower before meeting with your fuck buddy. Check with them before meeting if they are married and if so don't overdo the perfume, a woman will always notice the smell of a new scent on her man.

Nerves can be a terrible thing but don't turn to a drink to calm them, alcohol lowers your inhibitions and it is important to stay alert when meeting someone you hardly know. Remember just because this started out as a NSA sex date you can still change your mind and no means no should you change your mind or the guy you meet leaves you feeling unsafe or unsure.

Don't meet for the first time in a car park, the back of a car or quiet park. It can be tricky meeting in a public place if one of you have a partner already so consider booking a hotel and make sure you tell someone where you are going. Again this might be tricky but a little white lie that you are meeting an old facebook friend never hurt anyone. Check out our section on safe dating if this is the first time you are meeting someone new.


Safe sex is a must, not just for yourself but for your partner and any innocent party, husband or wife back at home. Do not leave it up to each other to sort out who brings along the condoms, you are both responsible. If you find yourself meeting with someone who is not responsible enough to care about themselves and safe sex you need to ask yourself is this the kind of person you should be shagging?

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